I grew up in rural Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa at the dawn of Mandela’s New South Africa. It was a very tumultuous time, in the rural areas where I lived it was essentially a low-level civil war between political parties.

By the age of 15 I had been a victim of a terrorist bombing and I had learnt how to make my own IED’s using common household ingredients. I was the captain of my school shooting team and I could strip an AK47 in under 10 seconds, and shoot the lid off a coke bottle at 25 paces.

I was always an avid reader and story teller. I started writing stories at boarding school during detention as a way to escape the drudgery of the Head Masters punishment.

After school I traveled for 7 years around the world, working in various jobs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

After my studies in Construction and Engineering I worked as a Project Manager travelling even further afield. In 2005 I received my U.K. Security Clearance and began work on a number of classified projects for the DOD, and BAE.

I have no hobbies only obsessions. My wife and kids, my writing craft, and my rockets. Yes, I’m a clinically certified mad rocketeer with detailed plans to build my own sub-orbital liquid fueled rocket before I die. Laugh at your own peril.

Graham Greene labelled some of his finest work as Entertainments. Which in my view was a pithy attempt to separate his Literary legacy from the shame he somehow felt for some of his more commercial thrillers.

Fear not dear reader, I live by one commandment, THOU SHALT THRILL.